Posted on September 6, 2018

Europe’s top organic produce co. moves HQ

Eosta's new 210,000-sq.-ft. facility names spaces after Rachel Carson, Rudolf Steiner, and other organic, sustainability pioneers

Eosta B.V., one of the world’s leading importers and distributors of organic produce, and the largest in Europe, said it has relocated to a new headquarters.

The company, doing business under its Nature & More brand, with suppliers on six continents and export markets throughout Europe, the United States and Hong Kong, said that after years of continuous growth it was "in dire need of more space."

The new, 210,000-square-foot "sustainable business property" in Waddinxveen, Netherlands, consists of a head office and distribution center.

"The resulting building exudes warmth and humanity and may be considered the physical expression of the company’s core values of authenticity, togetherness and social responsibility," said Volkert Engelsman, Eosta CEO, who founded the company in 1990. "The interior design is organically conformed to the company processes and encourages leadership and self-leadership, co-creation and an innovative and sustainable corporate performance. In short: dream – dance – deliver, as we refer to this at Eosta."

At the heart of the office is a spacious atrium to which all of the offices lead, and functions as the main meeting place. The wide bleacher stairs represent personal development and the connection between social idealism and commercial realism, representing the company’s slogan: "where ecology meets economy."

The building has numerous meeting-places, some with a fireplace, in addition to rooms where employees can touch base with their inner self with/by rest (powernaps) or meditation (library).

Various spaces have been named after inspirational people, including pioneers in organic agriculture and the sustainability movement, such as Albert Howard, Rudolf Steiner, Eve Balfour, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Rachel Carson and Daniel Dunlop.

Nelson Mandela, Sioux medicine man Black Elk, the UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and the deceased employee Erwin Paul are all commemorated here.

The building has many circular and sustainable characteristics. Both the shell and design have a materials passport, which states the materials used to ensure they can be reused as much as possible after demolition.

The roof of the distribution and packaging halls will be completely covered with solar panels, and rainwater will be collected and used for local horticultural irrigation.

The timber in the office is sustainable Dutch elm; the modular walls and insulating material in the partitions are circular; one of the stone walls is made from recycled construction rubble and toilet bowls; the office chairs are made from recycled plastic. A natural paradise around and on the building is under construction.

Last year, the foundation stone was placed deep in the ground below the building: a brass solar disk in a metal dodecahedron, indicating the company’s core values and the maxim: ‘Through the sun / From the earth / For man / May man / Become sun / For the earth.’ This expresses the gratitude for the world as it has become and appeals to current and future generations of humans to take responsibility for the new world.

The company’s new addresses are:

Postal address:
Postoffice box 348
2740 AH Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

Office address:
IJsermanweg 15
2742 KH Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

Loading and unloading:
Louis Dobbelmannweg 2
2742 JZ Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

VIDEO: ‘Get to know Eosta better!’

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