• U.S. organic 1% milk sales plunge 25%

    USDA reports weekly organic milk supermarket ads soared 227%

  • Organic food giant’s stock drops 6% to 10-year low

    SunOpta's market cap slides to $123 mil'

  • From lab-grown meat to insects: Are consumers ready to rethink protein?

    Hartman Group says 'lack of disgust' was best predictor of appeal for protein concepts tested

  • Burrito chain to pay 100% tuition for college degrees

    Chipotle says eligible employees can get a 'debt free degree' from Univ. of Arizona, other such schools

  • UN: 14% of world’s food lost post-harvest up to retail

    FAO report aims to identify measures for an effective food loss reduction plan

  • Canadian lobster industry seeks to mitigate climate change impacts

    Researchers use long-term survey data sets and climate models to help fishing communities plan for a warmer ocean

  • U.S. farmers circle wagons around Trump

    NPR article shows 76% of farmers give Trump 'favorable' rating