• Natural products industry’s climate action progress slumps in renewable energy, packaging

    Number of companies quantifying emission cuts in Forests commitments falls to just 19%

  • Most ‘organic’ CBD brands lack verification, says watchdog

    Center for Food Safety says GMO CBD products made using synthetic biology 'coming soon'

  • What influences healthy, sustainable food choices?

    New San Diego State Univ. study finds two primary barriers to building pleasurable experiences around healthy foods are time and money

  • Regenerative Organic Certification pushes back launch again

    'Holistic' food labeling scheme onboards 4 organic certifiers

  • Survey: 9% of U.S. consumers make environment ‘top factor’ in F&B purchases

    NPD Group also says just 10% of U.S. adults switched F&B brands to buy 'earth-friendly packaging'

  • PE firm grows newly acquired organic produce biz

    HKW adds another produce supplier to its Fresh Direct Produce biz

  • Newly certified organic produce co. cuts plastic use

    Shuman Produce plans to educate consumers on reducing plastic use