• Nat’l Organic Program: Supplement maker to pay thousands in penalty

    ERC agrees to sell products as organic only after products have been approved for organic certification

  • Milk Specialties Global settles organic violations

    Major dairy protein ingredient co. agrees to have its certifier approve planned inputs, processing aids before use

  • World hunger grows globally, says annual UN report

    More than 820 million people are hungry globally is still not going down after three years and obesity is still growing – UN report

  • Organic grain co. to acquire Canadian processor for $12 mil’

    Ceres Global maintains N. American network of over 2,250 certified-organic growers

  • Top U.S. organic wheat flour supplier boosts Pacific Northwest capacity

    Elevator acquisition opens new opportunities for breeding grains like organic barley

  • Investment trust acquires organic farmland in Salinas

    Certified-organic Wish Farms will lease, operate newly acquired farmland

  • Organic yogurt giant expands non-dairy portfolio

    Stonyfield launches fruit & veggie smoothie pouches