• After 14 years, Sustainable Food News closes down

  • June’s organic produce retail sales slip from pandemic highs

    Bananas still single largest organic volume category

  • Trader Joe’s drops quasi-ethnic branding

    Petition says some Trader Joe’s branding ‘is racist because it exoticizes other cultures’

  • Feds urged to prosecute ‘online salesman’ Mercola over Covid-19 claims

    CSPI to testify on Covid-19 scams in Senate subcommittee hearing Tuesday

  • Organic dairy owner sentenced to 10 years for ponzi scheme

    Trickling Springs Creamery's Philip Riehl bilked investors from Amish, Mennonite communities out of $60 mil'

  • Chipotle launches organic beverages program

    5% of profits from Tractor Beverage sales at Chipotle will support farmers

  • Crop plants are taking up microplastics, says study

    New study says if microplastics are getting into our crop plants, they are also getting into our meat and dairy