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Boulder-based granola brand dumps supplier over recall

Purely Elizabeth says cashews in its granola, snack bars may contain 'foreign objects'

Granola and snack manufacturer Purely Elizabeth said it has recalled several of its granola and snack bar products because they may be contaminated with plastic, rocks or glass.

The Boulder, Colo.-based company said it recently “learned that cashews provided by our supplier during a brief time this spring may contain the foreign objects. We have taken corrective action and replaced this cashew supplier with a new one.”

The recalled products were distributed nationally in retail stores and on the company website.

A customer discovered the problem and reported the issue. No injuries or illnesses have been reported, according to the company.

It has provided details of recalled products, package sizes, their UPC codes and  best by dates. They include:

  • Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola; 16oz; 855140002946; 11/30/19; 12/3/19; 12/5/19; 12/4/19
  • Coconut Cashew  Grain-Free Granola; 8oz.; 855140002700; 10/19/19
  • Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola; 8oz; 855140002724; 10/17/19; 12/12/19
  • Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002090; 11/26/19
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002083; 11/28/19
  • Peanut Butter Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002076; 11/29/19
  • Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002137; 11/27/19; 12/20/19; 12/21/19
  • Pumpkin Spice w/ Ashwagandha Superfood Grain-Free Granola; 8oz; 810589030158; 12/7/19

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