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CBD ingredients co. eyes food manufacturers with new organic certificate

Socati starts shipping certified-organic CBD ingredients

Socati Corp. said Wednesday it has started shipping certified-organic hemp-based products and CBD ingredients to manufacturing customers after obtaining organic certification in April.

The Austin, Tex.-based company said it is the only commercial-scale producer of certified-organic cannabinoid ingredients which can contain legal amounts of THC at 0.3 percent or less.

Socati obtained organic certification on April 3 from the Montana State Department of Agriculture for its MissoulaMont.-based facility, which produces broad- and full-spectrum CBD oils.

The facility’s organic certificate for handling lists the following products: Broad Spectrum Oil-B4G, Broad Spectrum Oil-B2G, Broad Spectrum Oil-B4N, Broad Spectrum Oil-B2N, Isolate.

Socati also sells a range of private label products containing its organic ingredients, which are produced by third-party manufacturers.

“Socati produces all of it’s organic extracts in Montana. We partner with a vetted network of organic certified co-packers to offer finished goods,” Mark Elfenbein, Socati’s chief revenue officer told Sustainable Food News.

Products being produced for private labels include:

  • Crystalized Flavored Powder – fine, water soluble, flavored crystalline powder available in stick packs or in bulk to precise specification and potency
  • Gummies – fully customizable vegan broad spectrum CBD gummies with four natural fruit flavors
  • Tinctures – a unique line of tinctures using only natural flavorings or essential oils in combination with organic sweeteners
  • Softgels – water soluble capsules made with organic ingredients filled with oil of customizable potency
  • Pressed Tablets – tight pressed, easy to swallow tablets made from customizable powder organic ingredients
  • Two-piece Capsules – capsules comprised of two rigid shells filled with dry powder or viscous oil to customized potencies

The company launched a CBD-infused coffee sweetener and “brightener” in February.

“Through a commitment to clean label initiatives, natural production practices, and significant investment in research and development, Socati has now achieved the breakthrough of being awarded its USDA organic certification, the gold standard for supply chain integrity, creating competitive differentiation and increased consumer trust at a time when the industry desperately needs it,” said Socati CEO Josh Epstein.

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