Posted on January 16, 2020 by Sustainable Food News

USDA: EU market’s ‘attention to local’ tempers demand for U.S. organic exports

Denmark is 'success model for organic industry,' says USDA report

The USDA said in a new report that “the organic market in Denmark is often seen as a success model for the organic industry.”

However, the agency’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) also said in its report. that “growing attention to local production will temper the demand for organic products from the United States.”

Denmark is the seventh-largest organic consumer market in the EU “which is impressive given the fact it only has 5.6 million consumers,” the report said. As a percentage of overall food, organic products account for 12 percent of Danish food sales.

Most of the more than $1.9 billion in sales of organic foods in Denmark are generated by regular food retailers, the report said.

“The growing demand for organic products in Denmark, in combination with the U.S.-EU equivalency agreement, is expected to lead to more trade opportunities for U.S. exporters,” the report said. “There are opportunities for U.S. exporters of fresh produce, pulses, tree nuts, specialty grains, healthy snack options, confectionery products, and (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) beverages.”

Advantages and Challenges U.S. Exporters Face in Denmark

Read the report here.

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