Posted on September 25, 2006

Former U.S. senator launches organic, biodynamic food products

New products introduced at Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore, Oct. 5-7

Former Illinois senator and 2004 presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun’s new company, Ambassador Organics, introduced Monday what it calls the world’s first multiple line of food products that are both organic and biodynamic.

Ambassador Organics is launching four product lines including spice, tea, coffee and wine at the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore, Oct. 5-7.

The first lines of organic and biodynamic products include spices from Egypt and Costa Rica; fine bagged and loose teas from Egypt and Sri Lanka; whole bean biodynamic coffees grown in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Chiapas, Mexico; and biodynamic wines from California’s Mendocino Valley.

Ambassador Organics products are USDA certified organic and Demeter-certified biodynamic.

Braun is the founder and president of Good Food Organics, Inc., the parent company of Ambassador Organics and Dynamic Organic, a certified-organic fresh produce wholesaler to the foodservice sector.

“It is my personal privilege and joy to expand the availability of biodynamic organic products through Ambassador Organics,” Braun said in a statement. “This is food created the old fashioned way, without pesticides or harmful chemicals. We source products which are produced without the exploitation of workers, and from farms and fields that respect the earth as the source of all real nutrition.”

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