Posted on October 14, 2019 by Sustainable Food News

Top pork producer bans pig supplier after PETA video

PETA says Indiana state police are investigating

The nation’s leading meat processor, JBS USA, said it has banned an Indiana sow farm from its supply chain after animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a video depicting abuse of the animals living in cruel and deplorable conditions on the farm.

PETA said the video of East Fork Farms in Brownstown, Ind., shows pigs with bloody sores living among dying or already dead pigs. The group claims claims a worker at the farm cut off piglets’ tails and threw the animals in the air. Rats, roaches and other insects were also found around the farm near the bodies of dead piglets.

“Mother pigs are practically immobilized in crates barely bigger than their bodies, piglets’ tails are crudely chopped off, and trampled piglets are left in agony to twitch on the floor,” said Tracy Reiman, PETA executive vice president.

PETA said it received the video from an anonymous whistleblower in September. The group has submitted a complaint to the Indiana State Police to investigate the alleged animal abuse.

In a statement, JBS USA said it has “immediately and indefinitely banned East Fork Farms from our supply chain. The images in the video do not reflect the high standards we demand from our producer partners and we do not tolerate the mistreatment of the animals under our care or in our supply chain.”

East Fork is a supplier to JBS USA’s slaughterhouse in Louisville, Ky., where about 10,000 pigs are slaughtered daily.

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