Posted on June 24, 2020 by Sustainable Food News

Market’s first certified-organic ground coffee ‘brick pack’ launches

Mayorga says new brick packs will be at least 45% more expensive than commercial-grade brick packs

Mayorga Coffee LLC, a sustainably-sourced specialty organic coffee roaster, said it has launched the market’s first organic coffee “brick pack.”

The Rockville, Md.-based company, founded in 1997, sells its top-selling organic Cafe Cubano, which it launched in 2001, at Whole Foods Market, Costco, Giant Foods, and Amazon, among others.

Mayorga said it is importing, roasting, grinding, and packaging the new 10-ounce, fresh-roasted and ground organic brick pack sold under the Café Cubano brand at its new Miami, Fla., facility.

“People will tell you that brick packed coffee is low quality, commercial, chemical-laden junk. They’re generally right, which is why we knew we had to disrupt the category,” said CEO Martin Mayorga. “Many companies market this item to the Latino community on nostalgia and rock bottom prices at the expense of farmer sustainability, environmental considerations, and flavor quality. As a Latino, I find this offensive and outdated.”

The new brick packs will be at least 45 percent more expensive than the commercial grade brick packs, the company said.

The company is currently offering 10-ounce brick packs of espresso ground organic Café Cubano through its own website as it prepares to launch distribution through its current grocery and retail clients.

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