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Masumoto organic peaches promoted by major organic fruit co.

Fruit World Co. says pandemic demand for stone fruit 'positive'

Fruit World Company, Inc. dba Fruit World Marketing said it will start shipping Masumoto Family Farm’s organic peaches and nectarines next week.

Reedley, Calif.-based Fruit World, which was certified organic in October 2017 by CCOF, is a major wholesaler of organic citrus, grapes, apricots and other stone fruit, pomegranates, and avocados.

Fruit World said the season for Masumoto’s organic peaches and nectarines should go until late July-early August, and that it expects “strong movement” on Masumoto’s organic fruit given that the company is “a small grower with a strong following.”

Much of that “strong following” is due to the popularity of David Mas Masumoto, a third-generation, Japanese-American artist, peach farmer and poet, and author of 11 books.

Overall, Fruit World said the outlook on California’s organic stone fruit season is improved from last year when poor weather, including hail impacted crops.

Fruit World was, at first, uncertain about demand for stone fruit at supermarkets given the impact on shoppers’ buying habits due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Before we saw cherries go out, we were wondering if there’d be less real estate for stone fruit because the retail demand during all of the panic buying had been for bagged items and value-added staples such as apples and oranges. But so far, it’s been positive,” said Fruit World’s Cindy Richter.

For example, demand is strong for organic cherries. “With Covid-19, all of the shippers were wondering how demand was going to be, especially for organic cherries because they cost significantly more to cultivate,” said Richter.

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