Posted on September 5, 2006

Naturally raised meat and soy products go nationwide

Natural Harmony Foods plans to add five products to new line

Natural Harmony Foods, Inc. Tuesday said it signed up a team of marketing consultants to help promote its SoLean brand of naturally raised meat and soy products nationwide.

New Jersey-based NutCom LLC, a marketing communications company focused exclusively on the health and nutrition sector, is coordinating a direct mail campaign targeting food editors.

The campaign aims to publicize the nationwide rollout of SoLean Flame Broiled Beef Patties, which are currently available at approximately 800 supermarket locations in the Southeast.

Natural Harmony Foods’ SoLean products combine the taste and nutrition of meat raised without growth-promoting hormones and fed an all-vegetable diet with soy protein. SoLean® products are low in fat, saturated fat, calories and cholesterol, yet since meat is the first ingredient, they deliver a meaty taste and texture absent in soy-based foods.

The company also sells Breakfast Pork Patties and expects to roll out five additional items within the next year. The company’s stock is traded over-the-counter on pink sheets under the symbol NHYF.

"Natural Harmony Foods is in the process of distributing SoLean across the United States, and we are supporting this rollout with a number of local market initiatives in many cities nationwide," said company founder and CEO Sam Dewar. "These activities have necessitated a more far-reaching brand communications initiative.”

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