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Non-GMO label launches marketing campaign

Non-GMO Project asks: 'In A World of Connections, What’s Your Butterfly Effect?'

The Non-GMO Project (NGP) on Monday kicked off a new marketing campaign (see video below) to highlight how individual actions ultimately lead to huge impacts, asking consumers “What’s Your Butterfly Effect?”

Bellingham, Wash.-based NGP’s Product Verification Program is a third-party verification and labeling program. The nonprofit’s popular “Butterfly” seal is the fastest growing label in the natural products industry, representing more than $26 billion in annual sales, and more than 50,000 verified products under 3,000 brands.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that small actions and choices have large impacts. When we act towards a common goal, we are capable of amazing things,” said NGP.

To help launch the campaign, the NGP has released a new “domino fall” video to illustrate how small, individual actions impact the greater whole, and how industrial agriculture — with its reliance on GMOs, toxic chemicals, and vast monocultures — disrupts these connections and robs from the Earth.

“GMOs, genetically modified food, industrial agriculture fights nature, it breaks these connections and it robs the Earth. When you choose Non-GMO Project Verified groceries you’re helping us build a better food system,” the video’s narrator says.

Consumers are asked to take part in the campaign, and “choose to be an agent of positive change,” via NGP’s social media channels and hashtag #bethebutterfly.

“We invite you to share stories of your contributions to a healthy, prosperous and diverse future for all,” the nonprofit said.

By sharing #BeTheButterfly stories, NGP’s social media followers can enter to win an ebike from Rad Power Bikes, the Seattle-based pioneer in sustainable transportation. Other prizes throughout the campaign will include Patagonia backpacks and Klean Kanteen containers, among others.

“We recognize that our work to build a non-GMO food system, one that honors nature and our place in it, is just a small piece of a much broader collaboration,” said Megan Westgate, executive director of the NGP. “We are all connected in ways that make it possible to make big changes through small but important choices. That includes the food we buy, and also what we give back to the Earth and to each other.”

VIDEO: What’s Your Butterfly Effect?

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