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Online organic, natural grocer first to support glyphosate residue-free label

Thrive Market takes step to 'ensure that our members and our planet are safe from glyphosate contamination'

Thrive Market Inc., a U.S.-based e-commerce discount grocer of natural and organic foods, said Wednesday it is the first retailer to support the Glyphosate Residue Free certification and label to help customers avoid glyphosate residues in food and supplement products.

“Five years ago, Thrive Market became the first national retailer to go entirely non-GMO in our food catalog due to the health and environmental risks of round-up resistant crops,” said Nick Green, Thrive Market CEO. “Today, we’re proud to go one step further by supporting a new gold standard to ensure that our members and our planet are safe from glyphosate contamination.”

The Glyphosate Residue Free certification and label, launched in 2017, is run by The Detox Project, which is owned by Henstar plc, a public relations firm specializing in sustainable agriculture, translations and web platforms.

The Detox Project said the certification “enables organic and Non-GMO certified brands with high risk ingredients such as wheat and oats to add a layer of transparency that will increase consumer confidence in their products.”

To date, more than 40 brands and 900 products carry the new label. To earn certification, food and supplement products must have no glyphosate residues above U.S. government-recognized limits of detection for food, commodity and supplement samples, usually 0.01 ppm, and lower levels than the Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in the European Union, according to the Detox Project.

The Detox Project said its Glyphosate Free certification and labeling program uses third-party, ISO 17025-accredited labs to test products for glyphosate residues. Certification costs $1,472 per year to test all a company’s products and third-party lab testing costs an estimated $600 per year for each of a company’s products.

“It is a great day for transparency, as Thrive Market has now enabled consumers to easily find and buy Glyphosate Residue Free certified products,” said Henry Rowlands, director of The Detox Project. “At last we are seeing a real shift in some parts of the food industry towards cleaner practices. We aim to help this shift by assisting brands to fully benefit from consumers’ demands for food that is free of toxic chemicals.”

VIDEO: Learn more about Glyphosate Residue Free certification

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