Posted on May 24, 2019 by Sustainable Food News

Organic acai supplier rebrands

Açaí of America to roll out expanded portfolio of superfoods

Açaí of America Inc. said Thursday it is rebranding as Explore Superfoods as it continues to expand into retail distribution with its branded products.

The New York City-based company said it has been a “leading provider of organic açaí berry pulp to foodservice accounts along the East Coast for years.”

The company said its founder, Will Anderson, has been traveling to Brazil, where the acai is grown, to “source the nutrient rich bounties of the region for almost a decade.”

The company said growing demand from its foodservice accounts “has resulted in the opportunity to introduce other nutrient-rich exotic superfoods like Pitaya and many others, aligned with soaring consumer demand for plant-based lifestyles and food-based nutrients.”

“People all across the globe are ready to explore to the vast bounty of nutrient-rich superfoods produced by regions like the Amazon River Basin. There are exotic superfoods that are dynamic in flavor, rich in nutritional and antioxidant content and can truly transform health often used for centuries in traditional cultures of these regions,” said Anderson.

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