Posted on May 27, 2020 by Sustainable Food News

Organic half gallons of milk priced $2 more than conventional

Ads for organic 8-oz. blocks of cheese soared 208% - most of any organic dairy items for week ending June 2

The price spread between organic and conventional half-gallon milk advertisements at major U.S. supermarkets for the week ending June 2, is $2.

The USDA’s latest dairy report said the price spread is the difference between national weighted average prices for organic, $3.92, and conventional, $1.92.

Meanwhile, conventional milk ad numbers decreased 77 percent from the previous week while organic milk ad numbers increased 28 percent.

For the week ending June 2, the total volume of conventional dairy ads increased 9 percent, and organic dairy ads increased 30 percent.

Organic butter has a weighted average price of $5.84 and greater than double the number of ads when compared to the previous week.

Organic 8-ounce blocks of cheese has the largest percent increase in ads of organic dairy items at 208 percent. The U.S. advertised price for 8-ounce organic cheese blocks averaged $4.20, up $.71 from last week.

Organic yogurt ads are down 53 percent. The average price for organic Greek yogurt in 4-6 ounce packages is $1.

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