Posted on September 5, 2006

U.S. market hungry for South African organic foods

Nation's organic food industry booms

The United States is becoming a bigger market for processed organic foods from South Africa. Organic food production is booming in South Africa from production to sales, according to a local news report.

Last year, the number of certified farms rose to 200 and the area under organic management leapt to a record 515,000 hectares. Emphasis is being placed on fruit and vegetables, particularly, apples, grapes, avocados, blueberries and citrus.

South Africa does not have national organic farming standards so farmers are certified by regulatory bodies that adhere to European Union requirements.

Organic food retail sales in South Africa generated $14 million in 2005. Recently, organic advocates formed the South African Council for Organic Development and Sustainability.

The United Kingdom and Germany are the largest export markets for fresh products and the United States is one of the largest markets for processed organic food.

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