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‘No hormone’ disclaimer on pork ‘no longer accurate,’ says USDA

Pork companies with prior USDA approval for 'No hormone' claim must make plans for removing claim at next printing, says agency

The USDA said companies making “no hormone” claims on pork products no longer need to add a previously required disclaimer statement because it is “no longer accurate.”

The agency’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said its previous animal raising labeling claim guidance stated that hormones were not approved for use in swine.

Examples of “no hormone” claims include: Raised Without Added Hormones, No Added Hormones Administered, Raised Without Steroids, No Growth Promotants.

The FSIS has routinely only approved “no hormone” claims on pork with the following disclaimer statement: “Federal Regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork. There are no hormones approved for use in swine by Federal Regulations.”

However, the FSIS now says that because there are hormones approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in swine during gestation, “the disclaimer statement is no longer accurate.”

To that end, the agency said it now wants companies to remove the diclaimer statements on labels with “no hormone” claims.

“If establishments submit such labels with a disclaimer statement, FSIS will remove the disclaimer from the claim to approve the claim, provided the application contains adequate documentation to justify the claim,” the FSIS said.

If a label bears a claim about hormone use in swine relating to pork products, the label application (for new approvals) and label record (for existing approvals) must include adequate documentation to support the claim, the FSIS said.

Companies with a prior approval from FSIS for the ‘No hormone’ type of claim need to update their labeling records or make plans for removing the claim at next printing, FSIS said.

Also, companies do not need to resubmit their labels for approval to remove the disclaimer statement from pork and pork product labels as the change can be made generically.

Companies should make the change at the next printing of the label or take steps to remove the disclaimer immediately, FSIS said.

Check out the agency’s updated 2019 Labeling Guideline on Documentation Needed to Substantiate Animal Raising Claims for Label Submissions document.

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