Posted on November 21, 2019 by Sustainable Food News

Walmart gives organic produce a home

Retail giant says it's giving shoppers seeking organic items 'one-stop shopping'

Walmart Inc., the nation’s leading retailer of organics, said it is moving all its organic produce into a dedicated section of its produce departments.

The announcement came from Charles Redfield, executive vice-president of the Bentonville, Ark.-based $500+ million retail giant’s U.S. Food division.

In a blog post, Redfield said the decision to create a dedicated organic produce section was so “customers who want organic items can enjoy one-stop shopping.”

Read the blog post here.

“We’re adding low-profile displays in our fresh departments,” Redfield said. “These new bins allow customers to see everything available in the department right when they walk into the store. We’re using colorful, abundantly filled displays to highlight freshness and the quality of our items. For example, large bins of ripe red tomatoes and sizable displays of seasonal items like squash and pumpkins.”

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